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Logo Shapes - How to Choose The Right One For Your Brand

When you think about a certain business, what automatically comes to your mind? 

One of the first things you will likely think about is that business’ logo! Unfortunately, many new business owners often do not realize the significance of their logo and how it can affect their brand in the long run. 

There are many elements that come into play when it comes to your business logo—but the shape of your logo is one of the most important aspects you need to consider! Certain shapes, when coupled with certain colors and words, may have various meanings and may incite different emotions that can influence your target audience. 

A Closer Look Into Logo Shapes

If you are in the process of designing your logo’, here is a guide on the different types of logo shapes and their corresponding meanings. 

5 Different Types of Logo Shapes

1. Circle Logos

Circle logos often portray femininity, security, continuity, and protection. 

Circles are also an extremely popular logo shape choice because they are round and often give the logo an aesthetic quality that is different from other logo shapes. Their round shape may also hold the meaning of community, love, and support, as well as infinity and continuity. 

2. Rectangular or Square Logos

These logos have clearly defined, straight lines and edges, which make them have a stronger impact than that of rounded logo styles. These logos carry stability and balance but are often overlooked because they are more common.

3. Triangular Logos

These are less common and have a more dynamic logo shape. Triangular logos are often associated with the arts, stability, ingenuity, as well as mysticism. You may also use a triangle to replace the letter A or V in your brand name and logo for a different kind of feel!

4. Organic Logo Shapes

These types of logos can have different styles and shapes in them! They usually captivate onlookers and easily capture people’s attention because of their dynamic shapes. 

Different types of shapes may be combined together to create various imagery that can be used to represent your brand. Small ovals may be placed together along with fine whimsical lines to create the look of a tree, for example. 

5. Vertical and Horizontal Logos

Lastly, the orientation of your logo may also affect how your target audience perceives it. Vertically set logos may be associated with strength, courage, and progress. On the other hand, horizontal logos tend to make the text or images look wider, sometimes making it easier to read and interpret them. 


After reading all of this, you may be wondering if logo shape and design really matter. You may have a world-class product or service and may be wondering why you need to devote time and effort to think about what shape your logo should be! However, logo shapes play an important role in how your brand is perceived by your customers and target market. If you are struggling to decide on which type of logo shape to use, using a custom logo designer will help you get the best in logo design.

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