Try the Letter Substitution Trick for your Logo Design

New Letter Substitution Logo Design Technique From LogoAI

We're excited to show you a cool and easy logo design technique today! Let's explore letter substitution logos and see how LogoAi makes creating awesome logos a fun and simple process. Get ready to find out how this method can change your branding game and give your logos a fresh new look.

What is Letter Substitution Logo Design Technique

Letter substitution logos are a cool way to make unique designs by replacing a letter with a matching icon or symbol. There are lots of famous brands actually choose this method to design their logo. Just by changing a letter, you can add a creative twist and helps establish a distinct identity for the brand which is super important in today's crowded marketplace.

Design Letter Substitution Logo with LogoAI

Grab a logo with a combo of icon and text, and get ready to make it your own. 

Follow the steps and GIF below: 

1. Grab any logo design with a symbol and enter editing mode:👉 【For example, click this logo template】 

2. Adjust the symbol layout, click on the logo's symbol in the editor, then navigate to the top left side of the panel and select 'Middle' for the symbol layout.

3. Select either 'Insert' or 'Replace' mode, then choose the icon you'd like to use. Adjust the size of the letter or symbol graphic to ensure it fits appropriately within your logo.

Tips and Logo Templates for Letter Substitution 

Here are some additional tips for creating an effective letter substitution logo:

👆 Click to create a similar logo💡Select a relevant industry symbol.

The Mr. Donut logo replaces the letter "o" with a donut icon, which clearly shows what their brand is about. Remember to choose an icon or symbol that resonates with your brand's values and is relevant to your industry.

👆Click to create a similar logo.

💡Ensure icon consistency with logo font.

The font employed in the FusionDesign logo exhibits a contemporary style. When selecting an icon to accompany the text, it is essential to ensure that it remains consistent with the rest of the letters in aspects such as style, weight, and color. This attention to detail will help create a unified and harmonious visual appearance.

👆Click to create a similar logo.

💡Use a unique icon for the first letter.

The Rdysseyx logo utilize the first letter of the brand name, adding an innovative design twist to make each logo distinctive and memorable. Replacing the initial letter with a creative element is an effective technique worth considering when designing your logo.

With these tips in mind, it's time to unleash your creativity.  Our platform offers a diverse range of customization options to help you achieve the perfect brand logo. Let's explore our existing letter substitution logo templates and other logo ideas to gain more inspiration and tips when designing your own logo.


Now that we've walked you through the exciting world of letter substitution logos, it's time for you to make a logo for your brand! 

So, go ahead and put your newfound knowledge to the test! Don't be afraid to try out various letter substitutions, icons, and symbols until you find the one that works best for your brand.

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